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Dishwasher Repair



Dishwasher RepairWhat did we do before dishwashers? There was filling the sink, adding dishwashing liquid, putting all the dishes in the same water and scrubbing them individually.  What a great invention—the dishwasher!

Why will some people go back in time and hand wash again just because their dishwasher needs repair?  Call us now and don’t hassle with that bygone ritual, we will be out within 4 hours.  We repair all brands of dishwashers including: Kenmore, Kitchen Aid, Bosch, Asko, Viking, GE, Profile, Gallery, Frigidaire, Whirlpool, Jenn-Air, Maytag, Miele, and all the rest.

Dishwasher repair relies on some basic principles.  First, all dishwashers have to fill with water and drain it when done, they all have to have a wash cycle, they all have a heated or sanitizing function.  Most of the problems with dishwashers fall under these categories.  Also, most brands do these functions differently.  We stock many parts for all brands but if we don’t have it on the truck our warehouse does and we never charge a return charge to get it to our tech.

Other common problems with dishwashers are door hinges, child lock on, and wrong dishwasher detergent used.  Dishwasher repair is a necessity not a luxury, and unless you have teenagers that need character building, call us now for same day repair.

Another important thing to know about dishwasher repair is that most dishwashers are hard wired.  That means it becomes a more involved job to install a new one which should be accounted for when pricing new ones.  This added cost is usually can add $100-$200 to the price of a new dishwasher.

An example is say a new Kenmore costs $400 the actual out of pocket cost to get it installed will be between  $500-$600.  This is a hidden replacement expense most people don’t consider when making comparisons.