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Dryer RepairHave you seen that commercial for Farmers insurance with the burning lint ball? It is illustrating what happens inside a dryer vent after years of not cleaning it. Have you ever thought what happens inside your dryer when the vent is that dirty? Yeah, a giant lint ball builds up and mechanical/wear parts start breaking.

We clean out and lube every dryer we repair.

If there is an electrical problem in your dryer you will still get a clean out and lube.

Just about all dryers have some lint in them which can cause fires if not cleaned.

Dryer repair needs to take into consideration the three fundamentals of drying clothes: 1) Proper air movement/flow, 2) Heat, 3) Tumbling action.

If the dryer is making noise but still performing its drying functions the average person may think that is “working”. The reality is the dryer is crying out for repair and it is better (less expensive) to get the dryer repaired earlier than later.
Call us today and we can stop those cries. It is easy to detect when a dryer is not heating, it doesn’t perform its duties.

One consideration is it heating just not drying? Or is there really no heat? The result is the same—wet clothes! Also, most dryers have 2 coil heaters so one coil could be working and the other one be bad. The result will still be clothes not drying.

Finally, if you are one of the people who put panty hose on you dryer you are choking that poor machine to death. It will heat the air great but it also needs the ability to bring in new/ dry air (less moisture in it).

If it can’t exhaust, it can’t bring in fresh air! Most of us never consider what a dirty vent or even covering our dryer vents does to a dryer.

We hook them up when they are new and forget about them until a dryer repair is needed. It is one of the biggest mistakes customers can make—to take out a dryer that expired prematurely because of bad air flow and install a brand new dryer but never correct the cause of it all!

The new dryer will need dryer repair within a short time and the cycle keeps repeating itself.

If this sounds familiar and you don’t want to replace a dryer unnecessarily have us check it out for you first. If you already replaced your dryer and still have drying problems you probably need a dryer vent cleaned.

See our dryer vent cleaning page by clicking here.

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