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Freezer RepairDo you have a side of beef in your freezer?

Do you have other meat in your freezer with nowhere to put it? Is the meat going to spoil with unless you have it fixed right away?

At Action Appliance we understand customers cannot wait for freezer repair and we put priority on freezer repair. We will have one of our highly trained technicians to your door within four hours from the time you call!

We repair all brands of freezers including: GE, Kenmore, Kitchen Aid, Frigidaire, Gallery, Sub-Zero, Roper, Sears, Thermador, Viking, Artica, and all the rest.

Is your freezer a frost free? Is it a manual defrost or cycle defrost? It is important to understand the differences in these systems.

Frost free means it is like your refrigerator and you never have to worry about taking the frost build up out of your freezer—it does it automatically.

Manual defrost is every so often, when frost builds up, you have to take out all your food and remove all the frost that has built up over time.

Cycle defrost is when the freezer reaches temperature and stops running, the moisture that causes frost is then drained away because of the natural warming of the air. This last method of defrosting is the least likely of all though.

Some other tell-tale signs of a freezer going bad are things like soft ice cream and freezer alarms going off.

If you’ve experienced any cooling problems or freezer repair issues call us now! Nothing is worse than watching your food spoil because some computer at the national company won’t get a tech to you.

We have real people answering the phone all the time. Call now and be prepared to receive great service!