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Ice Maker Repair

ice maker repair


Ice Maker RepairDo you have regular gatherings at your house?

Were you counting on your ice maker to have a full bin only to find out the day of the event it has broke down?

We can help with these situations. Ice machines, more than most appliances, need maintenance. Have you cleaned the coils underneath your Ice Maker? Have you run an ice machine cleaner over the evaporator?

Probably not because most people get busy and forget these important tasks.

Action Appliance techs can come out the same day for Ice Maker maintenance or Ice Maker repair. We know that they are highly needed appliances.

We repair and maintain Kenmore, Whirlpool, Kitchen Aid, Sub-Zero, Scottsman, GE, ICE-O-MATIC, and yours!

We have same day service on all ice machines no matter where you live. Call now for ice maker repair with same day service.

We specialize in residential ice maker repair but we also can install and repair commercial ice machines.

The normal operation of an ice maker machine is first, it fills with water. Second the compressor and circulation pump turn on and the water is pumped over the evaporator coil. Third, the water begins to freeze on the evaporator until it is thick enough to make cubes. Fourth, the evaporator goes into defrost mode and the ice “sheet” slides off the evaporator and onto a cutting grid. Fifth, the cutting grid cuts the ice into small cubes and drops them into the storage bin.

There are a few things that are involved in this process that, when they fail, will result in a “no ice” complaint. It is always better to have us out to diagnose your ice machine than it is to make a decision based on a guess without all the facts.

Call now and have one of our highly trained technicians repair your ice maker machine. For Ice Maker Repairs or service call us today or Click Here to Request Service.