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Microwave Repair



Microwave RepairAren’t microwaves disposable?  Someone actually repairs microwaves?  Why should I hassle with it?  These are actual questions we’ve gotten over the years.

We are somewhat surprised some people don’t realize microwaves can be repaired.  Most microwaves are built in over-the-range style and cost way too much to replace + installation.  The alternative is to repair.

We repair all brands of microwaves including; GE, Kenmore, Whirlpool, Frigidaire, LG, Kitchen Aid, Maytag, Jenn-Air, Thermador, Bosch, Profile, Gallery, and all the rest.  Non-professionals should NEVER try to fix a microwave themselves.  Even when unplugged they will still shock the uninitiated.

Microwave repair can generally be separated into the high voltage side and the low/ line voltage side.   The high voltage components in a microwave operate at voltages around 4000 volts.

The low/line side operates at just what comes out of the wall, generally 120 volts.  Some of the most common repairs on microwaves include fuses, door switches,  and thermostats.

All of these repairs are very inexpensive and will save money and time.  Built in microwaves usually have a mounting plate behind them that the microwave is supported by in the back.

In the front they usually have screws that come down from the cabinets.  Most microwaves have their own mounting plates and screw holes and cannot be interchanged.  This is good to know because that is an added cost when replacing a microwave.

However, we say why replace?  Save your time and your money and call us today, we’ll be out within four hours to help you with your microwave repair.