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Oven RepairOf the ovens that need repaired, break because of heat!  No kidding right?

Well, not so fast, let me explain.

When an oven is put in self clean it gets to somewhere around 1000 degrees Fahrenheit and stays that high for 2-3 hours. “They are designed for that though”.

Yes, they are but your cabinets are not! The heat has to go somewhere and most modern cabinets don’t dissipate heat properly.

A lot of our customers will run a clean cycle and then their ovens go “dead”. This is because of a safety thermostat on the oven itself opens when it gets too hot. Some of these are resettable and some are not.

GE ovens repaired by us are known for dirty screens on the air ducts. Whirlpool, Kitchen Aid, Roper, Maytag, and Magic Chef ovens repaired by us are known for needing a beefed up blower system or what we call a “blower rework kit”.

Sometimes this heat causes other problems like user interfaces and control boards. New ovens retail for $1000-$7500 and many customers think they will solve the problem by this expensive alternative only to realize that their cabinets are not designed properly.

We solve these kinds of problems and save our customers unnecessary replacement. A problem found in Thermador ovens that we repair is a stuck air switch. Grease builds up in the smoke from the food being cooked and over time mixes with dust and sticks the switch closed.

Most of the time this will result in an error code on the display but sometimes it does not. Don’t replace your oven when a good cleaning (not self clean) could have fixed it!

How important is that much money to you in this economy?

We repair all brands of ovens and can get out within 4 hours of you call. We repair Kenmore, Frigidaire, Viking, Dacor, Wolfe, Gallery, GE, Hotpoint, Whirlpool, LG, Kitchen Aid, Roper, Jenn-Air, Profile, Maytag, Magic Chef and Thermador ovens.
One other consideration is that electrical parts on ovens can fail at any time and don’t have a set life expectancy. That means a brand new one is “at risk” as much as your older one of one of these parts failing. They can go bad in one use or last forever.

Call today for same day oven repair!